April 9, 2011

Autumn and owner building

The huge red cedar that dominates the grassed area next to the house is starting to get ready for winter - some of its leaves are turning yellow, and in a few weeks there will be masses of leaves raining down with every gust of wind. The tree will be bare and stark for winter, but the advantage is that that will let in lots more sunshine on the clear cold winter mornings.  

The Red Cedar is one of six native deciduous trees . We also have two of others on the property, the Illawarra Flame Tree and the Silky Oak.

Next to start losing its leaves will be the big Liquidambar near the cottage. Seeing the seasons is one of the many things we enjoy on the mountain.

In other news, our house features in the current edition of The Owner Builder magazine - very exciting! We'll be contributing a couple more articles as the light earth building continues.

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