October 23, 2011

The joys of hand-made

I'm always amazed to see the money some people spend on kitchen and bathroom fittings, and the sort of prices some manufacturers charge for what is perceived to be 'fashionable'.

Maybe I have some deep biological memory of life in a more primitive culture, but I honestly enjoy making something out of what I have, rather than spending money on something that has been made in bulk in an anonymous factory.

When we needed a vanity for our new cottage, we worked with what we had - lots of assorted pine timber, some really nice left-over Ironbark flooring, and our own Rose Gum, milled from the property.

The result, which Russell made quite simply yet beautifully, is this - with Ironbark top, painted pine legs and slatted Rose Gum shelf.

Yes, it's more work than walking into a shop and taking something home the same day, but also a whole lot more satisfying.


  1. Thanks, Moira! It does help to have a farm boy/handyman in the family! (I design, he follows instructions - an infallible combination!