January 25, 2012

Even more eco-friendly cleaning!

In line with our philosophy of using eco-friendly and healthy cleaning products, I was pleased to come across Norwex microfibre cloths.

It came about when one of our cottage guests told me she’d cleaned the windows in the cottage. It is not every day our guests do the cleaning for us! 

Judith explained that she was an agent for Norwex, and had cleaned the windows with the antibacterial envirocloth and the dry window cloth, using nothing but water. They looked amazing.

Windows get particularly dirty here, with a combination of mould and cobwebs, and cleaning them is not a job I enjoy. Seeing the streak-free result of her efforts, I quickly ordered three cloths - antibacterial envirocloth, window cloth and kitchen scrub cloth.

Norwex antibacterial envirocloth
I can honestly say they are a delight to use. The antibacterial cloth can be used dry for dusting, or wet for general cleaning. The window cloth dries off after the antibacterial, leaving no streaks, and the scrub cloth works on stubborn bits without the use of abrasive cleaners.Windows and shower screens are cleaned really easily and well, while the antibacterial cloth and scrub cloth make light work of bathrooms and kitchens.

I have since bought their floor cloths – one dry for dust (saves vacuuming) and one wet for washing - both interchangeable on the one velcro-tipped mop head.
The initial investment may seem high, but using microfibre cloths, which require only water, avoids the use of standard cleaning  products, which can cause skin irritations, pollute the environment, and are expensive - making them good for the budget as well as the environment.


  1. I've been to a Norwex party. I bought the matress spray to kill bed bugs and all those other bugs you don't want to think about. My hayfever has halved since using it.

  2. Hey Andy, I'm glad to hear it. Chemical cleaning products have got a lot to do with hayfever and other such ailments. My best advice is, go green, girl!!