February 27, 2011

Summer's end

Summer is at an end, though up on Mount Glorious we seem hardly to have had one.We lit the fire every night till mid December. Temperatures have rarely been above 25 degrees, and we still sleep with a blanket most nights. The gardens are lush with the summer rains (too much at times!) and the tanks are full. We’re looking forward to autumn bringing the daffodils and jonquils popping up all over.

Late last year we found a rather sad looking young magpie on the driveway .

 It was having trouble flying and didn’t seem to be able to feed itself. We looked after it for a few days, and it’s now a firm friend, following us around with a ‘feed me’ look on its face! (like a hungry teenager!)
He’s flying alright now, but seems to prefer walking! We’ve christened him (perhaps unkindly) Loser Bird.

 Some of you will be sorry to hear we recently lost our lovely cat Toby to kidney disease. We always feared for his safety when we brought him up the mountain, and thought it might be a tick or a snake that would get him.But even the snake that slipped into bed with him one night didn’t slow him down.

Toby was a real favourite with our guests, and he always liked to check out who was staying in the cottage. I imagine he was given the odd treat when he visited! We’re going to miss the little fellow.

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