February 15, 2011

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Turkey’s Nest is 15 acres of rainforest in the D’Aguilar Range, 45 km N-W of Brisbane. At 620m above sea level, it is much cooler than Brisbane, with fresh, clean air, mists in winter (and sometimes in summer), bright starry nights, beautiful rainforest and wonderful bird life.

We bought Turkey's Nest a year after we married, and since then it has been our haven from the hustle and bustle of city life.

We wanted to share the peace and tranquillity with others, and soon renovated the existing forestry cottage to create a romantic and peaceful holiday getaway for guests to enjoy.

In 2008 we started building our own house and a second B&B cottage so we could finally move from suburbia and become more self sufficient. We are concerned about the environment and healthy living and the house is designed and built with environmental principles in mind.

The house was partially completed by a builder and we are now finishing it off as Owner Builders. We are using light earth, a straw-clay mix, and many recycled materials in the construction, with the aim of making all new work on both our house and the accommodation as environmentally friendly and non-polluting as possible.

Follow us on our blog as we create our eco home in the rainforest, and share our lifestyle with both our real and online guests!

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