July 13, 2011

Country Cookbook

I’ve just come across a book that encapsulates the lifestyle we are trying to create here.

Belinda Jeffery’s The Country Cookbook is part cookbook, and part journal of the life she and her husband share since moving from Sydney to the NSW Far North Coast town of Mullumbimby. 

She talks about the satisfaction of growing herbs and vegetables, and cooking what is seasonal in the garden, the pleasure of watching the wildlife and the weather, of delighting in both the peace and solitude of the country, and the conviviality of friends and family. Scattered throughout are many of her favourite, very down-to-earth, and simple recipes, together with stunning photos of both the food and the environment. 

Belinda refers to their new life as a ‘kinder’ life. It reminds me that we should all be looking for a better quality of life, rather than a better standard of living.

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