July 5, 2011

More eco-friendly cleaning

I blogged earlier about our change to Herbon cleaning and personal care products, which are free of nasty chemicals, and are guaranteed hypo-allergenic. I’ve been very happy with their liquid soap (which we use as both hand and body wash), laundry liquid, prewash stain remover, and automatic dishwasher powder.

However I hadn’t been able to find a washing up liquid in their range from the wholesaler I buy through, so, somewhat un-optimistically, I went checking the shelves of the supermarket for an eco-friendly washing up liquid. 

I was pleasantly surprised to come across this one made by Eco Store in New Zealand.  

Their products are free of petroleum products and harmful chemicals, using only natural plant based ingredients, mineral salts and essential oils, thus reducing the possibility of rashes, allergies and eczema. Their products are only available online in NZ , but are stocked by Woolworths in Australia.

After checking out their website I will be looking for more of their cleaning, skin and body care, and hair care  products in Woolworths. It’s encouraging to see the supermarkets are at last responding to consumer demand for environmentally friendly products, and despite my reservations about large corporations, I feel obliged to encourage them!


  1. We like these products too, and use the dishwasher powder and the washing machine powder & whitener. Nice label designs too! :)

  2. Actually Woolies have surprised me. I was after crackers for a cheese board but didn't want to get any that had palm oil in them (an environmental disaster) and didn't want to buy any that just listed "vegetable oil" either as that is their sneaky way of getting away with it. Woolies Select have a range of crackers which are made with sunflower oil, so they get my vote!