December 1, 2011

The magic of seeds!

In the past I’ve always bought herb and vege seedlings, at reasonable expense and with mixed success.  Now I’ve started growing my herbs and vegetables from seed, and I’ve been excited by both the ease and the success.
Seeds fascinate me – how can something so tiny – like a speck from  packet of hundreds and thousands – grow with just a little water and sunlight into a plant that provides food?
I started planting seeds in pots on the sunny windowsill in the dining room. As they’re in prime view, they’ve got a fair chance of being watered regularly! Within days they had shoots, and in a couple of weeks I was planting them out in the new vege patch.

Last night we ate mixed salad leaves and snow peas from our garden, with avocado from the neighbour’s, and tonight there’ll be home grown bok choy and snow peas in the stir fry.

In a few weeks we’re expecting pumpkin, zucchini and capsicum, as well as an ongoing crop of tomatoes, together with fresh basil for the pasta, and coriander for the Thai dishes. It’s not self-sufficiency, but it’s a start!