July 13, 2012

Sustainability courses, and the course of sustinability

I was recently alerted to this site, which offers courses in sustainable building and practices. All courses are offered online, and prices are very reasonable. Subjects covered include sustainable design, green building principles, renewable energy, and sustainable waste management.

While it mainly focuses on businesses trying to reduce their carbon footprint and operate more sustainably, there are also courses aimed at individuals and owner builders. Content Developer James Huddleston says he aims to try and increase the number of courses for owner builders.

If they do it in Mongolia, why don't we?

Meanwhile it's very disappointing that the course of sustainability in Queensland has been severely compromised by the State Government slashing the feed-in tariff for solar electricity from 44c/kwh to 8c/kwh, making it one of the lowest in Australia. In a country like Australia with almost unlimited sunshine and rising power costs, I believe the government should be embracing solar, not making it less attractive.

One slight positive is that solar PV suppliers were flooded with requests as many people, ourselves included, signed up for solar power before the rate cut-off  on 10th July .