June 3, 2013

Happiness is a well-organised pantry!

For someone who likes cooking, a well-organised pantry is a must. For a couple of years I had made do with an old melamine cupboard in the recess which would eventually be the pantry. All the shelves were the same height, and it was very deep, so things got lost!


We began by taking out the cupboard and lining and painting the interior.

Shelves are hardwood T&G flooring

Russell made shelves from some old recycled floorboards, which were hard and strong. He ran them through the thicknesser first, to take off the old finish. The spacing of the shelves was based on the sizes of what we usually keep in the pantry, and the shelves are in a U-shape so we can walk in and find things without them being hidden at the back.

On the front we added a pair of recycled French doors, and some architrave. The glass is lined with fabric (an old table cloth!) in case the interior ceases to be as beautifully organised as it is now!

Recycled French doors on the front

Super-organised pantry space!

Result - one happy cook!