October 3, 2017

Cubby house renovation

There was a small cubby house, called Kurrajong Station, on the property when we bought it, built probably forty years ago and now in a rather run down condition. With a visit from grandchildren imminent, we decided now was the time to give it some TLC and an upgrade.

Before - rotten floor boards on the verandah, mould on the walls, worn battens, peeling paintwork, wobbly railings. Fortunately this job was on a small enough scale to complete in a week or two.

 We started by pulling out the verandah floor, scrubbing the walls and sanding flaking paint. We had some left over floorboards from another house to fix the verandah, and fencing wire for the ballustrade. After a couple of coats of paint it was looking good.

At our local tip's Treasure Island we found a kid-sized table and chairs that only needed a leg mended. We added some pictures inside (some of which had been done at school by my children!), painted up a piece of ply to make a blackboard, and added some toys. Last thing to be added was a slippery slide (from Bunnings).

After - ready for the arrival of grandchildren!



This was a very satisfying project that could be completed just over a week. The grandkids loved it, and it should do for another couple of decades!

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